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1. Aiming

Training to get better at aiming in CS GO is quite a hard task and there’s a lot of different ways you can take.
People like to jump into deathmatch servers and practice their AIM, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but this thing called “aim deathmatch” is a lot better. Aim deathmatch is always taking one-on-one fights you’re never going to get flanked or killed from an unexpected angle and not only that but it also teaches you crosshair placement and how to peak without over-committing which are two very important aspects that I’ll be going over later.
You can find one of these servers by going to the community server browser and just look up AIM DM. Remember that consistency is key
doing this once a week probably won’t help out that much, but if you spend a bit of time doing this every day you’ll definitely notice improvements.

2. Peaking

Knowing how to peak is another really important aspect of CS GO. If you know to peak properly and have good crosshair placement you’ll die a lot less and probably get more kills. One crucial step to peaking is something called counter strafing which is a lot less scary than it sounds! To counter strafe all you have to do is press A or
D to move left or right and when you want to shoot press the opposite key than what you were pressing before.
For example, if I’m running to the right and want to counter strafe and shoot, I would hold down D and then tap A and shoot at the same time.
If you get better at counter strafing you could master things like shoulder peeking to gain information not showing a lot of your body and easily headshotting people or just figuring out where they are, not to over-commit and die as much.

3. Nades

Learning nades it’s a pretty easy step that anyone can do, it just takes a bit of memorization. Nades opens up a lot of possibilities on how you can play. First of all, you can use flashes to get out of tight positions. If you’re ever stuck in a corner, like jungle on Mirage and being held there by an enemy they’re really useful. They can also help you get on the sites easier. Just flash over the guy on the site. then you could swing, gain some information or even get a kill.
You can also use smokes to cut off the vision of enemies from certain positions, as well to take sights without having to worry about as many angles. You can find a lot of Youtube videos on this topic.

4. Game Sense

Just learning where enemies will be and how they will play is another key aspect to CS GO. The most simple way to do this is obviously by just playing the game a lot, but really helpful is the fact that you can download replays of your past matches then watch them and see how you were performing and what can be improved.

5. Controlling Sprays

There is a map called recoil master which gives you a wide variety of options to choose from and even shows you the exact spray control of whatever weapon you want to
learn. This map is a must if you want to learn to spray better and it’s really helpful for beginner players. It won’t take you long to learn how to get a decent spray control.

6. Settings

Choosing your settings is a very important aspect of CS GO. There are a million different possibilities when it comes to choosing CS GO settings. It’s all personal preference but most pros tend to go with 4 by 3 resolutions especially 1024 by 768 and 1280 by 960
You need to test different resolutions and sensitivities and see what works for you.


Choosing and keeping your settings consistent is one of the best ways to improve in CS GO.
If you are gonna change your settings you will ruin your muscle memory and probably perform a lot worse than you were before.
The only time you need to adjust your settings is when you notice yourself over/under flicking or not being able to keep your spray control consistent because your AIM is going too far away from the enemy while you’re trying to keep it close.

Positive mindset

Getting tilted in CS GO is one of the things that isn’t just going to negatively affect you, it’s also going to affect your teammates.
If you ever have some non-constructive thing to say about your teammates or after losing a crucial round just purely avoid saying it. It’s always better to think about how you’re going to handle the situation the next time it happens rather than complaining.


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