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CS:GO – How to improve your game mechanics and game sense.


This article is dedicate on how to improve your mechanics and your game sense in the most efficient manner possible.

1.Practice in CS:GO

Regular practice is one of the most important aspect that you need to work in at CS GO. You got to make sure that you’re covering every single aspect of the game from fundamentals like crosshair placement , flicking and strafing to advanced aspect like grenade lineups and timings.
Rigorously training is the best way to become an elite player.
Starting off with the raw aiming ability, as any player can tell you aiming is the most important part of the game people overlook all the different nuances.
There are 2 different types of aiming Tracking aim and flicking aim.
Tracking aim consists of keeping your crosshair in the same place you move the player model around and flicking aim is about moving the crosshair to a target somewhere else on the screen.
Tracking AIM is more important than your flicking aim this is due to the simple fact that your tracking aim will always be more consistent than your flicking aim.
You can improve both types in one complete package of training this being deathmatches.
Make sure that you’re aiming sensitivity isn’t too high or too low go
The next aspect of your game that needs regular training is recoil control.
The best way to practice is on the workshop map recoil master, but you need to make sure that you’re mixing it up and practicing your spray on both real targets and BOTS.
One of the overlooked aspect of the game is movement mechanics. The most effective way to improve movement mechanics is KZ Maps.
You can find them on community servers.
Learning movement also includes things such as strafing and counter strafing which are two more incredibly valuable skills to pick up as they’ll help you make those difficult jumps in game.

2.Game sense

One of the best things that you could to improve your game sense in csgo is to watch the live pro games on Twitch every now and then.
This definitely has to add a benefit of being enjoyable. Watching pro games is a great way to learn little tricks that you can use in game,
especially when is a big match.
Literally Youtube is also your friend, by this we mean that there are hours and hours of informational content that you
can find , Tutorials ,reviews, guides , etc
Additional to that you can get your own coaching session on fivver and other sites that provides this kind of services.


We know practicing may not always be fun, but honestly when it comes to CS , you could try having fun with it. A lot fun is playing with friends and playing with the same people on a regular basis can help you
improve dramatically.
This creates a consistent team atmosphere for you to play and will definitely help you improve.
Make sure that you always play the same positions on each map, being consistently and friendly to your teammates and warming up the same way
before each game.
All of these tips have the same ultimate purpose and that is to build a healthy routine and get you to Global Elite.
If you start making these changes and you don’t see any instant changes , don’t be alarmed, consistency is something that takes time to improve.
CS-GO and also most of e-sports relay on brain to play, so if you’re tired, hungry or just in a bad mood your performance will dramatically decrease.
Some games may be extremely tilting and it could definitely affect your mood when this happens just take a break, go for jog , watch some tv or other activities that you enjoy.



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